Asset Recovery / Monetization
This service is primarily targeted at companies who have emerged bankruptcy filings, either under previous or new management. Often times companies under the stress of bankruptcy filings simply lose track of legacy assets which can either be redeployed, decommissioned to save ongoing costs, or sold to bolster cash. Further, some of these assets or holdings are eligible for additional credits from vendors or payments from customers.
Additionally, new owners of companies are rarely aware of all the assets conveyed in the purchase agreement. Consequently, a “fresh pair of eyes” skilled in audit principles can often times discover assets which can translate to improved bottom lines. The same is true of even highly successful or profitable companies…especially, in scenarios of high growth or long term ownership. In summary, many assets simply get “lost in the shuffle.”
Fee Structure: Our fees for this service are 100% success-based analogous to litigation performed under contingency. We charge 37.5% of any monies derived from additional payments, credits, etc. Quite simply, our goal is to retrieve and deliver significant amounts of cash to our client companies without being redundant or cannibalistic of existing programs.
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