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Why Don’t More Schools Use Metal Detectors?
We all have been slogging through metal detectors at airport security checkpoints for years and subjecting ourselves to similar screenings and searches at concerts and sporting events. It nearly is “matter of fact” now.
But the use of metal detectors in schools has been limited mostly to large, urban districts with established records of weapons-related violence. I remember walking into High School sporting events in inner city areas and seeing a metal detector and think this must be a “unsafe” school… our mindset has changed – all our schools are safe but the world outside is not and want in.
We have heard the ongoing debate over whether metal detectors create a safer environment or an intimidating, prison-like area.
Red Raven Group wants to save our students and the teaching staff – We want to be part of a solution and help STOP it from ever entering!
Think of Metal Detectors in Terms of a Larger Security Plan
No security measure offers a 100-percent safety guarantee. So as you look at the feasibility of a metal detector program for your schools, consider how this one tool will fit into a larger security plan and be sure to manage expectations among students, staff and the community.
The most effective school safety plans involve close collaboration with local law enforcement, foster open communication between students and faculty, and emphasize proper training for all stakeholders.
Metal detector programs can reduce the risk of weapons-related violence for certain schools, but they can’t operate in a vacuum. We help you look at a variety of elements and help you formulate a comprehensive security plan:
Secure, locked entryways
Security cameras in key campus locations
Policies for reporting suspicious activity, using ID cards to gain entrance, etc.
Active-shooter incident training for staff, possibly students
Lock-down drills for students and faculty
Utilization of school resource officers to manage security and build relationships
If your open to discussions of implementing a metal detector safe school program for in you school system, let Red Raven Group be your “Partner” that works with you in “Keeping our Schools Safe by determent”.
Red Raven Group offers all type solutions and programs to get these detectors implemented in a way that you as a school leader will not worry about what is entering your school.
Give us a call, we want to help you keep our schools safe!

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